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for Park and Recreation

Recreation and Parks in Kansas are vital in establishing and maintaining the quality of life in a community, ensuring the health of families, youth and senior citizens, and contributing to the economic and environmental well-being of a community and a state. Recreation and parks have three significant values that make them essential services to all communities in Kansas:

1. Economic value

2. Health and Environmental benefits

3. Social importance

The KRPA Public Policy Committee (see below) is charged with oversight review of legislative action on both the state and national level.  The committee recommends actions concerning legislative activities relevant to parks and recreation that are impactful to agencies in Kansas. 
KRPA Legislative Platform 


What is advocacy?

At its core, advocacy is about engaging people in an issue or cause. As part of a public or nonprofit entity, it’s what you do every day. We know that parks and recreation would not exist without the support of the community. Every day that we’re encouraging people to enjoy our open spaces or participate in our recreational activities, we’re taking the first step in advocacy.

So what is the issue or cause your department, commission or organization wants people to advocate for? Is there a particular policy keeping you from strengthening the work of your department or organization? Are you seeking additional public funding to support your work? In many cases, your immediate goal may simply be to develop an identified group of supporters you can call upon when an issue does arise and you need their help.

There are several different kinds of advocacy:

Grassroots Advocacy: Informing the general public about an issue or cause and mobilizing them to apply pressure to those in a position to take action.

Grasstops Advocacy: Engaging people with a high professional and/or public profile in support of your issue. These supporters can raise public attention or influence decision makers through their personal and professional connections.

Direct Advocacy: Educating leaders about an issue in order to influence policies, procedures and/or funding.

      KRPA Advocacy Contacts                                                                                    

Erika Devore, Executive Director
Ph: (785) 235-6533

Kearney & Associates, Inc.
(785) 234-5859 

Tony Finlay, Public Policy Committee Chair
Hutchinson Recreation Commission

Committee Members
David Rains, Coffeyville Recreation Commission
Bill Maasen, Johnson County Park and Recreation District
Troy Houtman, Wichita Park and Recreation
Linda Lanterman, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism
Gayle Parker, Tonganoxie Recreation Commission
Brice Soeken, Blue Valley Recreation Commission
Rhonda Pollard, Johnson County Park and Recreation District 

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