Recruitment Toolkit


Recruitment Toolkit

The KRPA Recruitment committee created the following tools to build awareness of the parks and recreation profession. Our goal is to build a strong parks and recreation workforce to improve the health and wellness of all Kansans.

Awareness is key to any campaign. Parks and Recreation: It Matters! will focus on Gen-Z by educating entry-level employees, young professionals and other key stakeholders about careers in the parks and recreation industry. As the campaign progresses, we will share more resources for best practices to reach this audience (based on the survey results in 2022) and resources to reach college students.

Who is the focus of this campaign?

The toolkit presented here is specifically designed for Gen-Z individuals, born in the late 1990s to mid-2000s, who are involved in your programming or could be potential employees for your parks and recreation agency. It's worth noting that Gen-Zers are the most diverse generation in US history, and they bring unique perspectives and expectations to the workplace. By focusing on Gen-Z in your community, you are bringing awareness of the parks and recreation field to future professionals, providing valuable work experience within your parks and recreation department, and building relationships to promote skills within the field for generations to come. Additionally, by focusing on young employees, you can look for individuals who stand out in their professionalism and exhibit potential leadership skills.

How do you appeal to this audience? What do they value? Studies show that Gen Z is concerned about social change, community and making a difference. Nearly two-thirds (65%) say they want to “[make] a difference to a cause they care about” and 60% want to “personally create something world-changing.”1 When raising awareness of the profession, keep these values in mind. These individuals need to see how parks and recreation organizations make a difference in their communities. By choosing a career in parks and recreation, they will make a lasting effect on their community’s health and wellness.

How to use this toolkit

Do you need assistance with recruiting seasonal and entry-level personnel or promoting the park and recreation careers? Then you are in the right place. Below you can access an array of resources that can be utilized in email outreach, social media posts, onboarding material for current staff, and other forms of communication. To streamline these efforts, we offer customizable social media graphics, letters/emails, posters,  and a flier that can be tailored to suit your agency's needs.

1. Use the tools in the "Recruiting for Entry-Level" section to fill positions in your agency.

2. Using the tools in the "Recruiting into the Profession" section, promote the Parks and Recreation: It Matters campaign on your social media pages, send letters or emails to key stakeholders, and deliver posters and flyers to local schools and community groups.

3. During your onboarding process of new employees, share the short video or long video about the profession with these employees and ask them to fill out the survey. (Click here for 2022 survey results.) This survey will help our parks and recreation agencies know what this generation knows about parks and recreation career positions and how they get their information about careers and degrees.

4. At the end of your employees' season, reconnect with them about the profession. Thank them for being a part of your agency and for their hard work. Share a follow-up email with them about the resources available to them to start a successful career or pursue a degree in parks and recreation with the information provided in the Recruiting into the Profession section and the Career page. 

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