Park and Recreation Professionals Day


It's time to celebrate all that Parks and Recreation professionals do for the communities across Kansas. Mark your calendar for Friday, July 19th!

Park and Recreation Professional Day Logo

Show your support for Park & Recreation Professionals Day by using the logo on social media, website, and emails, from now until Park & Recreation Professionals Day. Encourage your followers to do the same and remember to use the hashtag #ksparkrecday.

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Park and Recreation Professional Day Graphics

Parks and Recreation is a field with great diversity in job skills and requirements. Park & Recreation Professionals Day provides an opportunity to educate the people of Kansas on who really are the park and recreation professionals who serve their community, and also to educate students or young professionals about the possible careers in the park and recreation field. The below graphics are available to use on social media, website, and emails, from now until Park & Recreation Professional Day. Click here for Sample Social Media Posts. Don't forget to use the hashtag #ksparkrecday in your posts!

Proclamation Sample Template

Seek and promote a Proclamation from your local governing body. Invite your elected officials to participate in your celebration event on July 21st, and publicly acknowledge your value to the community.

Download a Sample Proclamation Template

Signed 2022 Proclamation PDF


Recognition Ideas

Meaningful recognition is specific, relevant and timely. All park and recreation agencies are encouraged to host a public event on or around July 21, 2023 to celebrate those who drive public engagement and provide the indispensable services that thriving communities require every day.

Your celebration may certainly be a part of another event. The most meaningful occasions invite the public and local officials to join the festivities, which may include entertainment, refreshments, presentations or demos by youth or summer camp groups, photo opportunities and a ceremony with brief remarks. And of course, your valued employees and volunteers are the honored guests. 

Here are a few inexpensive ideas to creatively express your gratitude:

  • handwritten note of appreciation
  • ice cream sundae bar
  • dress down/dress up day
  • gift card to favorite retailer
  • stock breakrooms with popular snacks
  • pizza luncheon
  • afternoon movie break
  • sincere words of affirmation
  • LinkedIn recommendation
  • staff field trip
  • create a dog-friendly office
  • small live plant or flower arrangement
  • starbucks gift card
  • office upgrade allowance
  • staff picnic lunch
  • website appreciation for staff photos, bios
  • hire a caricature artist to draw portraits
  • 3 hour lunch break
  • free car wash
  • food truck lunch
  • thank you video
  • share some swag
  • VIP parking spot
  • random act of fun
  • half-day off

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