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Park and Recreation Professional Day

It's time to celebrate all that Park and Recreation professionals do for the communities across Kansas. Mark your calendar for Friday, July 16th!

Park and Recreation professionals play an integral role in the health and wellness of all Kansas communities for physical, mental and even environmental health. 

This year, park usage increased exponentially as people relied on parks and recreation for their health and wellness. They provided the freedom that all citizens longed for during the stay-at-home orders. Unsung heroes showed up every day during the pandemic to keep those parks clean and beautiful... that's right, your local park professional. Last year, when we couldn't make it to the gym and our stress-levels were rising, who provided the endorphin-pumping classes virtually since we couldn't meet in person? That's right, your local recreation professional.

Take a moment this year to celebrate and thank a park and recreation professional on July 16, 2021.

Park and Recreation Professional Day Logo

Show your support for Park & Recreation Professionals Day by using the logo on social media, website, and emails, from now until Park & Recreation Professionals Day. Encourage your followers to do the same and remember to use the hashtag #ksparkrec.

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Park and Recreation Professional Day Graphics

Parks and Recreation is a field will great diversity in job skills and requirements. Park & Recreation Professionals Day provides an opportunity to educate the people of Kansas on who really are the park and recreation professionals who serve their community, and also to educate students or young professionals about the possible careers in the park and recreation field. The below graphics are available to use on social media, website, and emails, from now until Park & Recreation Professional Day. Don't forget to use the hashtag #ksparkrec in your posts!

Download Degrees of Focus for Parks and Recreation Career

Proclamation Sample Template

Seek and promote a Proclamation from your local governing body. Invite your elected officials to participate in your celebration event on July 16th, and publicly acknowledge your value to the community.

Download a Sample Proclamation Template

Park and Recreation Professional Day Outreach Tool

Sample Social Media Posts

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