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Getting Started in “The Locker Room”

Here are the Forum Fundamentals to get you started. We'll walk you through the basics of starting a discussion, adding a comment, messaging, and updating your profile. Click here for The Locker Room rules and regulations.


Update your profile page.  Your profile page is where your fellow members will go to learn more about you. Upload a photo, and if you'd like, include links to your Twitter, Facebook, or personal website. The more information you add to your profile the better the members will know you. Your email will never be made public.

Set your notifications. You can control how you will be notified about new discussions. To decide on the several options available select edit profile then “Notification Preferences".

The Main Navigation at the top of the page is specific for “The Locker Room.”

  • Discussion Forums-  The main way you will be able to find new threads and comments is to browse the Forums. We have 14 forum options to choose from that are general, branch options or specific park and recreation focuses. You will see this as soon as you enter a specific forum. You can select the title of the thread to see the entire discussion.

There is a search option at the top of each page. Click on the arrow to do an advanced search.

Post, post, post! Engage with other KRPA members as often as you can. Your participation is what helps “The Locker Room” grow and thrive. Share your insight and knowledge with others.

  • To add a contribution to a thread, scroll to the bottom and use the comment window. This is similar to a word processor, with simple controls. By highlighting your text you can bold, italicize, strike through, block form paragraph and link a url. You can also add headers, quotations, code block, spoilers, bulleted or ordered lists by clicking on the paragraph symbol next to the comment box.  You can also quickly save a draft of your post, or just post it when you are finished typing.

  • Share images. There are two ways to add images. The simplest way is to simply drag an image from your desktop onto the comment window. The image will appear wherever your cursor was located. 
The second way is to use the file/image upload button comment box. This allows you to drag a file or image, select it from your computer's file system, or link directly to an image on a hosting service such as Flickr, Imgur or 500px. Please don't link directly to images which don't belong to you.


  • Share videos. To add a video to your post or comment, just paste in a URL from Youtube or Vimeo. It will be automatically converted into a video player. Unfortunately, we don't allow member's own videos to be directly uploaded to “The Locker Room” as the file sizes are generally too large, but Youtube and Vimeo accounts are free to register. 
  • Respond to other users. To mention another user, you can use the @ symbol. Just type '@' and begin typing their username, then select the right one from the list. This will send them a notification to let them know you have mentioned them.
  • React to posts. It can be hard to express your feelings online, so that’s why we have reactions. “Upvote” posts if you have the same question, think an answer should be given more visibility, or just want to give someone props. If someone brought a valuable idea to the table, gave you the best solution ever, or made you laugh, reward them with the “Genius”, "like" or “LOL” reaction. Learn more about all reaction options below.

Start a new discussion thread with your questions. Once you’ve started with commenting on the Community, you may want to start your own discussion on a topic that interests you. You can click the “Start a Discussion” link on the Home Page and select the category most appropriate for the discussion. You can also start a new discussion from within a category by clicking on the blue “Start a Discussion” button at the top of the category. 

Ranks and Rewards (Coming Soon)

Each member is assigned a starting rank (Water Manager) when they join.  Consider their rank to be their “Locker Room” status.  Higher ranks are earned by contributing to the forums. Your rank will display on your profile and next to your name whenever you post.  It's smart to pay attention to a member’s ranking. Our TOP contributing members have worked hard to earn it.

  • Water Manager- 0 points
  • Rookie- 5-24 points
  • Junior Varsity- 25-49 points
  • Varsity- 50-74 points
  • Collegiate- 75-99 points
  • Pro- 100-249 points
  • Hall of Famer- 250+

Earning points. Your “The Locker Room” activity and the reactions you receive from fellow members will earn you points that will be displayed on your profile and help increase your rank. There are many ways to earn points for your contributions: asking questions, answering questions, providing best answers voted by others, and your overall interaction will impact your point score. Your peers have the ability to react to your posted content, which will award points to your score. Aside from the bragging rights that come from being on the leader board, KRPA will have giveaways for our leaders.

Badges (Coming Soon)

 Members will receive Badges that reinforce positive participation in the community. Badges are awarded for uploading a profile photo, receiving positive reactions, membership anniversary, and more.

  • Name Dropper-Mentioning someone in a discussion (like this: @Name) is a great way to encourage dialog and let them know who you’re talking to.
  • Photogenic -Little things like uploading a profile picture make the community a better place.
  • Combo Breaker -Earned badges for 5 different things in one day (now you can say it was 6!).
  • Agrees – Earn badges on how many agrees reactions you receive
  • Anniversary – Earn a badge for every year you are a member
  • Comment – Earn badges on how many comments you make on posts.
  • Genius – Earn badges on home many genius reactions you receive.
  • Likes – Earn badges on how many like reactions you receive.
  • LOL’s – Earn badges on how many LOL reactions you receive.
  • Up Votes – Earn badges on how many up votes you receive.

Reactions (Coming Soon)

Reactions allow members to quickly react in different ways to discussions and comments.  You can use them to highlight interesting discussions, suppress abusive comments, flag abusive members, and create distinct reputation profiles.

  • Promote: Moderators can promote the best posts in the community. This way they can be featured for new visitors.
  • Genius: Genius comments bring new information or perspective to the discussion and increase the value of the conversation.
  • Disagree: Users that disagree with a post can give their opinion with this reaction.
  • Agree: Users that agree with a post can give their opinion with this reaction
  • Like: A like is a general approval of a post. Enough likes will promote a post.
  • Vote Up: An up vote is a general approval of a post. Enough up votes will promote a post.
  • LOL: For posts that make you "laugh out loud." Funny content is almost always good and is rewarded with points and promotion.
  • Spam: Allow your community to report any spam that gets posted so that it can be removed as quickly as possible.
  • Abuse: Report posts that are abusive or violate your terms of service so that they can be alerted to a moderator's attention.

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