Recruitment Tools into the Profession


Recruitment Tools for into the Parks and Recreation Profession

The KRPA Recruitment Committee has provided the following tools to help build awareness of the parks and recreation profession, to provide resources to educated stakeholders and entry-level employees, and to build a strong parks and recreation workforce in Kansas to improve health and wellness of all Kansans. Below you will find resources that you can use in email outreach, social media posts, current staff onboarding material, and more. To make these communications easier, we are including social media graphics, letters/emails, poster, websites, emails, and a flier. See the sections below to download these customizable resources.

Who is the focus of this campaign?

The audience for this toolkit is Gen-Z (those born in the late 1990s- mid-2000s) patrons who are currently involved in your programming, potential employees or currently employed by your parks and recreation agency. By focusing on Gen-Z in your community, you are bringing awareness of the parks and recreation field to future professionals, providing valuable work experience within your parks and recreation department, and building relationships to promote skills within the field for generations to come. Additionally, by focusing on young employees, you can look for individuals who stand out in their professionalism and exhibit potential leadership skills.

How do you appeal to this audience? What do they value? Studies show that Gen Z is concerned about social change, community and making a difference. Nearly two-thirds (65%) say they want to “[make] a difference to a cause they care about” and 60% want to “personally create something world-changing.”1 When raising awareness of the profession, keep these values in mind. These individuals need to see how parks and recreation organizations make a difference in their communities. By choosing a career in parks and recreation, they will make a lasting effect on their community’s health and wellness.


Use these social media graphics to educate your community or staff about the parks and recreation profession. You can easily update these graphics with your logo and website URL. Share them on social media, inter-agency emails, or at employee orientation. 
Facebook Post
Instagram Post
Parks and Rec: It Matters! Logo

Core Message

The Parks and Recreation profession offers a variety of opportunities for employment. Positions consist of considerably more than the stereotypical jobs at a pool or gym.
Core Messaging Example
Social Media Post Ideas
Email Template to Employees


Who are the stakeholders to contact with recruitment information? Stakeholders are groups who support your department or who are invested in the health, wellness and success of your community. 
List of Possible Stakeholders
Email Template to Stakeholders


Easily share about the parks and recreation profession by hanging up this poster in your staff workroom, breakrooms at pools/sports facilities/rec centers, school counselor's office or wherever else is appropriate! You can update the poster with your logo and website URL.
Parks and Rec: It Matters Poster


Hand out or include this flier in emails to start the conversation about your entry-level employees and key stakeholders about the park and recreation field.

Other Resource

You have direct access to future park and recreation professions at your new employee orientation. The lifeguard you hire could grow into the next director of your agency.

Tips for recruitment:

  • Start the conversation about the parks and recreation profession from the very beginning. At your onboarding meeting with new employees, share the below videos of Kansas professionals talking about their experience and what they love about working in parks and recreation. Ask your employee to fill out this short survey to improve what we know about the next generation’s knowledge about the profession and how to best reach them.
  • Look for outstanding leaders in entry-level positions and mentor them about their potential. Ask your managers who of their employees has stood out as a leader or gone above what you asked or expected of them. Share with them the list of college/university and degree options for a career in parks and recreation at
  • Follow up: hand out a flyer to exceptional employees to encourage further education or job opportunities in the field. Send a text to remind the employee to fill out the survey and visit Follow up with an email to all your entry-level employees during their employment about future opportunities. Click here for an email template.


Park and Recreation Professionals Day
Park & Recreation Professionals Day provides an opportunity to educate the people of Kansas on the park and recreation professionals who serve their community, and also to educate students or young professionals about the possible careers in the parks and recreation field. Learn more about Park & Recreation Professional Day at Park and Rec Pro Day. Don't forget to use the hashtag #ksparkrec in your posts!

Recruitment Toolkit PDF
Download the Recruitment Toolkit here.

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